Artist’s Statement

Jim Cox�s current works explore the twin issues of the space within objects and the spatial relationship of objects to their setting. This interest arises from an early fascination for �Cut away� drawings of machines, and traditional ship models where the viewer is enticed into scrutinizing the inner secrets and mysteries that lie within. Jim�s subsequent career as an Architect and Town Planner provided the opportunity to create large structures where the interior functions and spaces as well as the physical and cultural context to the setting were of paramount significance.

His work neither depict nor comments on The World but rather create a New World that challenges the viewer to examine the inner nature of its entity and experience the interplay of content and context. Paper and plaster are both materials that are inherently weak and yet can make forms that are both seemly solid and robust and yet fragile and delicate. Jim uses these materials in his work to draw attention to their ambiguous nature.

Jim allows these materials to flow and fold in a way intrinsic to their own nature, imparting to the work vibrancy as the serendipitous forms intertwines with the rigid geometrical elements.